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Who We Are

We are a ‘keep-safe’ mechanism designed to help Nigerians in Diaspora pursue their dreams/projects.

Our Vision

What We See

To be a world class Company, meeting the needs of Nigerians in Diaspora through effective and affordable service delivery


What We Want

To inspire positive changes and proffer solutions by helping Nigerians in Diaspora pursue their dreams and project.


The Diaspora Represents A Major Source Of Foreign
Exchange For The Nigerian Economy.

General Background &
Why Diaspora Home Trust?

Over 17 million Nigerians are in the Diaspora, with about 4 million in the United States and United Kingdom (Nigerians in Diaspora Organization – 2017). The figure above is more than the population of over 97% of the individual states that constitute Nigeria’s 36 states structure.

Remittances by Nigerians in Diaspora are the highest in Sub Saharan Africa and ranks second to the proceeds from Petroleum products. Remittances from the Diaspora into Nigeria in 2015 stand at $20.83 billion, with United States ($5.7 billion) and United Kingdom ($3.7 billion) accounting for almost half of the sum while 2017 is projected at $22 billion (“Migration & Remittances” – World Bank Group). These figures imply that Nigerians in Diaspora deserve greater care and respect in the way their affairs are managed.

Unfortunately, the back-end story is that many Nigerians in making remittances have fallen victims to fraud orchestrated by their relations, friends and other third-party elements in whose custody funds and instruments are transferred for one service or the other. It is equally sad that so many caught up in family fraud have failed to obtain justice, because as they say, “anger against a brother does not get to the bone”. The adverse implications of this ugly situation are both incalculable and invaluable.
Apart from the socio-cultural and economic conflicts arising between ordinarily loved ones, the above has also generated a lot of image and reputation problems for the nation.
In our day, trust has become a very scarce commodity in human relations! Yet, relationships are very key to human existence and we cannot do without them. Where financial transactions can ruin relationships, it is advised to keep both apart. This is why RightAngle PR has initiated the Diaspora-Home Trust (DHT) as a response to addressing these issues.

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A ‘keep-safe’ Mechanism Designed To Help Nigerians In The Diaspora.

DHT is a ‘keep-safe’ mechanism designed to help Nigerians in Diaspora pursue their dream projects, investments, and other financial transactions back home in Nigeria, without tears having completely eliminated fraud and doubt that often bedevil the projects of Nigerians in Diaspora. Now Diasporans can have their projects run smoothly and transparently without the pressure to be physically present in Nigeria in order for the work to move along.


DHT facilitates transnational transactions, engagements and networking as bridge builders based on our deep understanding of the operating environment. DHT will guarantee that value is procured to the last sum in every transaction.

Your Assurance


Our Mission Is To Serve Those In Diaspora To Their Satisfaction With A World Class Service


Our transactions are backed up by full insurance to mitigate and/or cover any risk or failure arising from false or fraudulent representation of facts, resulting in loss of money, property and integrity, including failure in transactions. In addition, we have also tied our hands by being in a partnership with Heritage Bank who will receive all payments on our behalf but can only disburse when milestones are attained. We understand that the burden of trust we need to discharge is weighty, and trust is the RIGHTANGLE to Diaspora – Home business and investment.

Our Mission

  • Serve as agents for Nigerians in Diaspora who wish to transact safely in Nigeria;
  • Take on the burden of trust hence preserving relationships with friends and families;
  • Provide information, due diligence and advice on any project or investment envisaged by those in the Diaspora before they engage;
  • Facilitate and maintain stress-free, Nigerian investment climate for the Diaspora, based on transparency and comfort; and
  • Eliminate loss and fraud encountered by Nigerians who fund projects from the Diaspora


Our Core Values That Make
Us Professional


Professional Excellence


Corporate Integrity


Operational Efficiency


Global best Practices

Social Responsibility


Clients Satisfaction